Ready to Rock the New Year?

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Ready to rock this new year?  I’m not…. Once upon a time in a land far away, in 45 AD, the Julius Caesar of the day ordered a sweeping reform to set January 1st as the beginning of a new year. New Start. New Year. New Resolutions. Here we go. Happy New Year. Smarter. Skinnier. Substantial increase of all things Successful. How’s that working for you? It’s not working for me. The world is at … Read More

How a values-based leader views loss

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On the way to the win and the gain, there is loss and there is pain. Loss is accompanied with companions of discouragement, dismay, disgrace and dips of despair. At times, additional emotions of regret, rejection or remorse join the circle. The greater the attachment, the greater the sense of loss. How does a values-based leader view loss?  With kindness, validity and recognition of human emotions. And with the understanding that where there is loss, … Read More

You are not alone – tell yourself a different story

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When you have a vision for something greater, at some point, you will be alone. There will be grey seasons when you: work alone shoulder the responsibility alone fail alone experience fear alone make big decisions alone As a leader, you get to choose between the ego and comfort of staying among the crowd…. over the vulnerable courage of stepping ahead of the crowd to lead a better way. As a leader, you get to … Read More

Keep up – with the changes on the inside of you

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Keep in touch with the changes on the inside of you. Did you slide into 2016 with a renewed focus on what mattered in 2015…. carried over from 2014…. carried over from 2010 etc. etc. etc.? There is a shift in culture. Today is not the same world as it was yesterday. Your business, leadership will not function the same as it did yesterday. Events, attitudes, health, finances, relationships and you…. have all shifted. To … Read More

How shall I lead the way…?

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A values-based corporate culture?  Is that an oxymoron? Is there an institution, business or organization that recognizes hierarchal leadership is an old and tired model?  Are there CEO’s, presidents, directors, clergy, superintendents or business owners who recognize that management science isn’t working anymore? People don’t want to be managed. They want to be valued for their values. The problem is that most people are not clear about their implicit personal values.  So by default, they … Read More

Remembering – it’s the least we can do

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Is war the way to peace?  Is spilled blood the price for freedom? There is no glory in the act of war. Today is not the day for political debate or an armchair opinion. It is a day to remember. It is a day to honour those who sacrificed body, mind and soul for the freedom of kin and country. It is a day to honour those who fought for a greater purpose and a … Read More

Walk Into The Building

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You know exactly what I’m talking about. You show up as a matter of routine, but you’ve lost interest. Your body walks into the building, but your spirit refuses to enter. Your mind drifts to a place that you’d rather be. A place that is more about genuine service and your unique contribution than it is about being a warm body for someone else’s agenda. You’ve rallied your attitude and attention dozens of times, tweaked the … Read More

What’s the point – is this it?

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By most standards, you are wildly successful. You have worked incredibly hard. You have put in long hours. You have left multiple comfort zones in order to reach your next goals. You have succeeded more than you have failed. You are admired and respected by many. So, what’s the point of all that you have accomplished – is this it? It’s a gutsy-honest question that many successful people ask themselves in their quiet moments. Ever asked yourself that question? … Read More

You are Too Attached

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You followed your gut. You invested in your dream. You put in long hours and hard work. You were diligent, determined and patient in the ordinary days because you believed that the outcomes would be extraordinary. And now time has lapsed. Stuff has happened. You are weary, bruised and worn. And today, you are done. Or so you say. Because actually, you are going to sit in the emotions for a while, feel sorry for … Read More