Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching for Individuals

Coaching for individuals.lr.sarahLeadership coaching is about what matters to you. It acknowledges the gap, pain point or targeted area of desired growth. It creates a safe, respectful, forward-moving context for meaningful change in a way that honours your values, creates a crystal-clear plan to transition through discomfort towards the changes you seek.

Here you are. Now what?  What will you do with you?

What’s really happening inside you? Whatever is unraveled, whatever has disengaged, whatever the good struggle is about, is a worthy conversation because its about you. Notice and name it, let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about you.

Clarity is essential to leadership, always and especially during times of uncertainty and change. Your personal values, ways of thinking, habits and routines share a crucial role in having meaningful work with a life that works.

You choose the accountability and the agenda. You choose the commitment to your character growth, to your contribution in this world. And as your coach and catalyst, I will lead you to where you want to go. I offer a masters level of coaching process, applicable tools and the neuroscience information that serves to deepen relevant learning. Positive change for you – is absolutely possible.

What is missing? What do you want to more of? What do you want to change? When…?
Let’s talk.

  • Provides a blueprint for clarity and meaningful action
  • Empowers you to articulate the language and context to find your voice, use your voice and make a stand for what matters most
  • Stimulates confidence and clarity for the immediate (and future) challenges
  • Notice & names your expectations, energy management, personal values and biobehavioural blind spots with a plan to get to the next level of growth
  • Navigates ambiguity with strength and presence
  • Gives you the control of your personal development so that you can better influence and inspire the changes you seek

Here’s a few examples of why value-based clients have chosen to work with me:

  1. They are not happy with the way things are, and they want change.
  2. They are in a new position and desire increased leadership acumen.
  3. They see a knowing-doing gap, and an unacceptable void in the culture, and are hungry to do something about it.
  4. They refuse to tolerate the status quo mindset or existing ‘old’ culture.
  5. They have experienced tremendous gain and tremendous loss. The loss has gifted them their greatest lessons and they are now keen to contribute in a new, more meaningful way.
  6. Coaching clients come from a variety of influences: corporate and company leaders, non-profit and for-profit leadership and leaders within faith-based organizations. Let’s be real. What got us here, got us here. And here is where we stay unless we make a decision to examine the familiar and lead toward a re-imagined future. You don’t have to lead alone. I can help….