How Not To Lose Your Way

Lorraine RichmondBlog

There is a jar on your desk. It is empty except for a single piece of paper that you will add today. Written on that paper are the top three matters, which matter most to you.

As long as you have breath and a brain – pursue what is written in the jar. Because what is written in the jar is written on the boardroom wall of your life. Pursue matters that matter or you will lose your way.

Pursue what is written in the jar. Then…

  • You will be sustainable and healthy in spirit.
  • You will be rich in the relationships that matter.
  • You will stand with unyielding confidence and speak with indomitable will.
  • You will be free to create, to innovate, to grow and to improve.
  • You will leap tall buildings of fear, doubt and impossibility in a single bound.
  • Your life will be the precise legacy you long for.
  • Most things don’t matter. Most things are fleeting. Here today and gone tomorrow.

The systems, the hierarchy, the bureaucracy, and the opinions of others – will appear on the daily horizon with urgency and then wane like yesterday’s news. Each one will speak their piece as the latest religion to follow. Then it will disappear in favour of the next trend or next tweet, with no personal interest in your core values or well being.

What people think of you doesn’t really matter. What you think of you does matter. What you believe about your capacity, your limits, your vision and/or lack of same – now that matters.

What’s written in the jar is what matters.

It’s your grounding, your confidence, your go-to place. It’s your values, your vision and your purpose. It is what is meaningful to you.

It’s your reason for swinging your legs over the side of the bed every morning. It’s what will keep you moving forward when you are lonely, misunderstood and tired.

It’s your joy. It’s your contribution to this world. It’s your jar.

You won’t lose your way when you pursue the matters that matter.