How shall I lead the way…?

Lorraine RichmondBlog

A values-based corporate culture?  Is that an oxymoron?

Is there an institution, business or organization that recognizes hierarchal leadership is an old and tired model?  Are there CEO’s, presidents, directors, clergy, superintendents or business owners who recognize that management science isn’t working anymore? People don’t want to be managed. They want to be valued for their values.

The problem is that most people are not clear about their implicit personal values.  So by default, they give the corporate nod to the company mandate and the leader’s latest cause.

The problem is that most businesses and organizations have endured the boring and painful process of creating corporate values and a mission statement about a decade ago. They posted the values and mission on their website and boardroom wall, and promptly proceeded with business as usual. The result of that process, was that both leadership and staff developed an immunity to the powerful working presence of personal core values. Yawn. Old word. Been there. Done that. Didn’t change a thing.

And the gap between management and staff increases. While management demands more control or offers more perks in an attempt to lure their people to greater commitment, staff continue to detach, disengage and with a polite façade, leave via any door they can find.

Management science isn’t working. People don’t want to managed. They want to be valued for their values. Values, as defined by their deeply-held operating principles that guide their internal behaviour as well as their external relationships.

Values. It’s the same word we used a decade ago, but this time it’s surfacing as the essential epi-centre to all that is meaningful.

This is a whisper of history in the making. Indeed it has already begun. Early adopters see the hope of a values-based culture. They reach for it, they taste it, they touch it, they live it. They know they will be questioned, even side-lined for their freedom and maverick upside-down novel ways. But they will not turn back. Because management science isn’t working. The new way forward – is the values-based way.

Most people long for a meaningful life without pretence and pander. They want their life to of significance, to count for something worthwhile according to their definition. They want to serve and contribute to a greater good.

They want to be free to live their personal values, to fully enjoy the adventure of their own story. They want to belong and be connected to a community that will embrace their uniqueness. They want to feel safe and be secure in their sustainability and personhood. They want their gifts, ideas and strengths to help improve the world.

They want their life and purpose to matter.

Values-based early adopters. This world is starved for your part in our changing culture. I’m starved for it too.

Where are you? Who are you? What is your story? Where is the dissonance? Who will you tell? How will you lead? And why does that matter?

Values-based early adopters, I would love to hear from you…