Keep up – with the changes on the inside of you

Lorraine RichmondBlog

Keep in touch with the changes on the inside of you.

Did you slide into 2016 with a renewed focus on what mattered in 2015…. carried over from 2014…. carried over from 2010 etc. etc. etc.?

There is a shift in culture. Today is not the same world as it was yesterday. Your business, leadership will not function the same as it did yesterday. Events, attitudes, health, finances, relationships and you…. have all shifted.

To lead well, keep up with the changes on the inside of you. Your values and insights will shift with the realities of your yesterdays, ongoing skills and knowledge you are currently gathering as well as the future vision that beckons.

1. Know your valuesall values are founded and grounded on basic human needs. Find the clarity and language for the values of freedom, belonging, safety and significance.

2. Invite others to help you live and lead at your best – meaningful growth occurs best in relationships that are gutsy honesty with feed-forward conversations.

3. Let go of past habits and ways of thinking – this is the most difficult transition and entirely possible. What do you want more of, less of? Notice that. What have you learned in 2015? Notice that. What is the good that you want to do in your life, leadership and business world? Notice that. Take a deep dive in conversation with someone who thinks differently than you. Gulp – then let go of the comforts that no longer honour your values or serve your purpose.

Keep in touch with the changes on the inside of you. The quality and legacy of your leadership, life and business begins with your genuine self. Be hard-core about staying current in your personal values blueprint and purpose.

How much does the quality and legacy of your life matter to you?

You can choose to stay in the same safe conversations, dig your heels in proving past paradigms and add another layer of pretense and façade to the real you. Or you choose to put on the required courage to communicate and live out the inner change.

Truthfully, not everyone will support your change. Truthfully, it will take time and continued inner discipline to be in full integrity fully aligned and fully alive.

Your message and life are worth it.

Go for it.