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Conversational Intelligence® why every word matters

Lunch & Learns

1/2 day workshops

Full day workshops

Practical, interactive, science-based and a bucket of fun will elevate the level of trust and connection in your current culture.

Because without trust, you have nothing sustainable, profitable or meaningful.

You matter.Your message matters. Learn how to present with passion and power – without faking it. Learn how to connect and communicate your values, vision and message in your unique style.

Grow your speaking confidence. Begin with how you think about your thinking.


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Standing Room Only
Prestige Hotel Vernon

What a fantastic event.

Your Leadership Connection is  moving across Canada.

Check back  for next city and dates.

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Clarity Quickstart –  Integrating Values into the Heart of Business

Clarify your unique core values. Attach it to your meaningful purpose. Leverage your natural and highest value. Be the best version of you. Align your business purpose with your deepest values.

$397+Tax 1:1
(ea) for your group of 10

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Leadership Roundtable Focus Groups

Values-based. Candid. Specific. Collaborative. High Challenge. Fun. Deep. Without accountability and a clear plan you will return to tired patterns of thinking and doing. The answer to How? is yes! Pull your chair around the table of seriously fun, intentional masterminds.

    $397+Tax (First Month)
$197+Tax (Consecutive Months)

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It’s not how you manage your time, it’s how you manage your values. You have enough time and resources to lead your vision.  But if you want to influence the crowds, you will need to step away from the crowds for your CEO time.


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