Team Culture Coaching

We-Culture Training and Coaching

Serious about change?
A positive environment where human dignity and vision flourish?
A place where values, mental health, equity and work-life balance are more than a deep sigh?
A place where people lean forward with hunger, humility and shared vision?

Notice and name what is less than ideal: the tension, the conflict, the propaganda and the ineffectiveness or blind spots of the institution, the management, the company and/or the staff.

Good news! There is a way forward – a collective mindset that acknowledges diversity, psychological safety and links valued contributions to the ultimate vision of the organization.

Team Culture Coaching is both a philosophy and a methodology for teams who want to be better together. It leverages personal differences for collective growth. This is rich fare. This is fun. This is work. This works!

Team Culture Coaching is not polite chit-chat or self-help support or an overdose of more data or useless surveys. The process will be specifically designed to address your gaps and your vision. The process will include participatory workshop-style information blocks and the follow-up process and accountability that you desire.

If you 1) are hungry for improved leadership capacity 2) have a desire to influence a positive culture change and 3) have experienced both great gain and great loss – I invite you to connect with a time-specific, coach-facilitated, measurable process with those who are committed to getting from I to WE for the next level of growth.

Here’s a few examples of why value-based clients have chosen to focus on Team Culture Coaching

  1. They recognize that when they mention ‘change’ or ‘how?’, that everyone has an knee-jerk response or quick fix, but it’s not the best answer for the collective. When contributors build trust and work together with values-based principles of engagement, the sustainability of the changes are successful.
  2. Individuals arrive in a shared company or context with their own story and perspective. They come from a variety of influences: corporate and company leaders, non-profit and for-profit leadership and leaders within faith-based organizations. Everyone has the solution. Hierarchy forms and the values conflict festers. Team culture coaching addresses belonging, community, shared success, psychological safety, meaning, human dignity and shared success and practical ways to win in business and in life.


Team Coaching Benefits 

    • Expand awareness and align strategies to guide yourself and influence your people to move from I‐centric to We‐centric behaviours (and the beliefs beneath the behaviours)
    • Participatory opportunities to master the 3rd level of Conversational Intelligence including but not limited to The Conversational Matrix™, The Conversational Dashboard™, the Trust Model™, and the Ladder of Conclusions™
    • Learn how to respect individual values/process as you honor your own by self-­regulating and co­-regulating neurochemistry as you literally learn how your brain has been designed to connect
    • Understand The Clarity Model to best navigate and lead during times of change, resistance and uncertainty
    • Understand the 6 areas of bigger-player individuals, and overcome your saboteurs by understanding how to see your blinds spots and capitalize on discomfort
    • Learn how to up-regulate your personal presence, confidence and emotional intelligence to move your definition of success to the next level
    • All information, coaching exercises and neuroscience tips are beautifully applicable to improving human relationships in business and in life