Ready to Rock the New Year?

Lorraine RichmondBlog

Ready to rock this new year?  I’m not….

Once upon a time in a land far away, in 45 AD, the Julius Caesar of the day ordered a sweeping reform to set January 1st as the beginning of a new year.

New Start. New Year. New Resolutions.

Here we go. Happy New Year. Smarter. Skinnier. Substantial increase of all things Successful.

How’s that working for you?

It’s not working for me.

The world is at odds. In politics, in climate change, in leadership culture, in relationships and in expectations of self and others. This is a day of change seeking individuals who will take a selfless, integral stand, not only in their self-awareness but in the awareness of the community and world around them.

It is not helpful to carry on with life as usual without giving honour to the more important and deeper questions of your life. The answers are your grounding, your foundation, and your blueprint for the days ahead.

So instead of rushing forward with the default thinking and doing of yesterday, I choose a period of solitude and contemplative silence to notice what matters now. What are the changes? What is the learning? What is the yearning? Who are the people? What are the risks? How will I step forward?

I prefer the lunar calendar which chooses the New Year date at the end of this month. And so I will take the month of January to be exceedingly purposeful in reflection, prayer and strong intention. I will spend time alone. I will spend time talking, and listening to God. I will have healthy conversations with others who have opposing values and think differently than I do.

Reflection and the choice of a purposeful life will not, can not, occur in a hurry of rushed resolutions, now or ever.

No, I am not a female monk (would that be a nun?). I do not live on a mountain top or in a flower-splattered meadow where time and conflict does not exist. (Although if they served great coffee there, I might re-consider.)

Yes, my days are fully occupied with current commitments, present-day challenges. and capacity-stretching responsibilities. Yes, I’m a driven achiever with a strong purpose. And yet, it is in the solitude that I define and refine the purpose and plan.

What about you?  Where are you at this January?  What are your worries and fears? What are your strengths, gifts and contributions? Where is your courage? How big will you live?

Perhaps your selected times of reflection, personal evaluation and purposeful intention land differently than mine. For whenever that conversation is for you and given the dynamics and circumstances around you – here are a few of life’s most important questions to consider:

  1. Who are you now? (at a core level without mention of status, stuff, age, role or comparison)
  2. What is your stand?
  3. Where are you going?
  4. How will you get there?
  5. Who will you take with you?
  6. What does that look like now?
  7. (And why does it matter?)

Ready to rock this new year?  I’m not….yet.

But soon!