Walk Into The Building

Lorraine RichmondBlog

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

You show up as a matter of routine, but you’ve lost interest.

Your body walks into the building, but your spirit refuses to enter. Your mind drifts to a place that you’d rather be. A place that is more about genuine service and your unique contribution than it is about being a warm body for someone else’s agenda.

You’ve rallied your attitude and attention dozens of times, tweaked the program, tried new techniques and strategies. You are stalled. You are living in pretense that all is well, but it isn’t. Your energy, your drive and skill-ability is on hold and a downward spiral. The truth is – you wish your days contained more meaning and more of who you really are.

You want to be valued for your values. You want to give your best energies in some other way.

How long will you wait to make the decision?

Swallow a dose of courage today:

  1. Face your restlessness in solitude.  Listen. Do you want to be here? What is the cost of staying?  What are you pretending not to know?
  1. Embrace your restlessness in a conversation with someone else.  Share the greater vision of what you see ‘out there’.  What are the values that you are not honouring?
  1. Stay busy. Ignore it. Do what you’ve done in the past. Nothing. Push it down. Listen to the doubts.Squish it. Shelve it. Let the fears dictate. I’m being factious here, but ignoring what is begging for acknowledgment takes courage too. That kind of ‘courage’ carries the highest price and the greatest cost to your value, your meaning and your legacy. I don’t recommend it.

You are smart.  Life-smart. And life-smart people make difficult choices when values are out of sync. They lead themselves with humility and grace. They lead others toward an authentic value-based purpose.  Life-smart people don’t dumb down, dishonour their own values, placate, pretend or waste time following the voice of the masses, the status quo or yesterday’s hierarchy.

When your values are aligned with your leadership, your vision and your life, you are living in a values-alignment.

Values alignment. There’s no life like it.