What’s the point – is this it?

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By most standards, you are wildly successful. You have worked incredibly hard. You have put in long hours. You have left multiple comfort zones in order to reach your next goals. You have succeeded more than you have failed. You are admired and respected by many.

So, what’s the point of all that you have accomplished – is this it?

It’s a gutsy-honest question that many successful people ask themselves in their quiet moments. Ever asked yourself that question? The unanswered silence may be disconcerting and you will be tempted to quickly revert back to the satisfying noise of your ambitions and busyness. At least that place is familiar and usually much more comfortable than wrestling with a response that may reveal more than we want to acknowledge.

What’s the point of your ambitious pursuits?

Are you pursuing a lifestyle – or a life (of personal meaning, peace and purpose)?

Are you devoting your time, energy and resources to proving something – or to improving something for the betterment of a world bigger than status and acquisition?

What’s the point – is this it?

If you don’t take time to answer the greater WHY, you will become consumed with the lesser WHYs. After periods of exertion and of expended time, energy and resources, the lesser WHY will result in a familiar lack of fulfillment and lasting satisfaction.

1. Find clarity in articulating your personal core values. This is not the generic values written on a boardroom wall or website text. This is not defined as behaviours like honesty and integrity. Values are defined as those deeply-held personal beliefs that guide your internal conduct as well as your relationship with the external world. You matter.  Your values matter. For serious value clarity, I suggest the psychometric validated tool such as the current and relevant Values Blueprint.

2. Align your personal core values with every area of your life. There is no conflict with work-life balance or workaholic-ism or time management when you align your personal core values with your business, your leadership and your personal life.

3. Wrestle with the question until you come through to the answer.What is the purpose of your business and life?  Don’t let the experts answer this question for you. It’s a big question and tucked away in your values, your gifts and your story-you have the answer. It’s a tough question without a quick pithy-pull-out-of-the-air response, so most people ignore the question. After all, who wants to admit that they aren’t clear on their purpose, their WHY, the point of their business, leadership and life? Be courageous. Wrestle with the purpose question.

When you are clear about the point, life and leadership around the boardroom table is as exhilarating,worthy and meaningful as it is around the breakfast table. Settle for nothing less than living ‘to the point’.

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