You are Too Attached

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You followed your gut. You invested in your dream. You put in long hours and hard work. You were diligent, determined and patient in the ordinary days because you believed that the outcomes would be extraordinary.

And now time has lapsed. Stuff has happened. You are weary, bruised and worn. And today, you are done.

Or so you say. Because actually, you are going to sit in the emotions for a while, feel sorry for yourself, check in on social media, follow a few rabbit trails, pour yourself another coffee – and then you’ll probably get up and go right back to doing what you’ve always done.

Why don’t you move on? Seriously, why don’t you move on?

You are too attached.

Too attached to the routine, ritual and the lifestyle.Too attached to the way it used to be.Too attached to the way you want it to be.

Too attached to what people will think. Too attached to safety, security and control. Too attached to a specific strategy and process.

Too attached to comfort, to procrastinating and to wishing.Too attached to unhealthy loyalty, unhealthy commitments and unhealthy relationships.Too attached to things that are bigger and better.

Too attached to the opinions, praise and expectations of others. Too attached to the shadow missions that lurk in the grander vision. Too attached to ego and to pride.

Too attached to wanting to be the One who rescues and the One who saves.

It is difficult to detach. I’ll give you that. But give me this – it is not impossible. It is only one choice away.

Choice by choice. Step by step. Day by day. Values over distractions. Peace within. Meaningful purpose over lesser things.

You choose:

  1. Change the vision or change the process.
  2. Expand your thinking limits.
  3. Meet new people.
  4. Name the elephant.
  5. Draw the line.
  6. Don’t look back.
  7. Experiment with the new way.
  8. Trust God for an unknown future.
  9. Be the best version of you every single day.
  10. Don’t complain about your choices.

Your values matter. Your vision matters. Therefore your choices matter.

Change what needs to change. Move on.

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