Lorraine Richmond Coaching Process

The Values Filter

The Values Filter process uses the integration of the Values Blueprint, the Bigger Game and the Clarity Model approach so that your values and your purpose integrate with all of your leadership, business and life. The learning and tools that you experience are equally as powerful around the boardroom table as they are around the breakfast table. They connect to all of humanity, whether in first-world or third-world, man or woman, king or peasant, – or to the wanderlust in between.

  1. Explore. Consider. Initial conversation to determine if our coaching partnership is a beneficial fit. Ask the question behind the questions.
  2. Make a decision. If we agree to work together toward your primary coaching focus, we co-create the partnership for a minimum of 6 months. We design the details of measuring meaningful progress and how the coaching partnership will best serve your priorities and purpose, as it honours the greater good.
  3. 50% of payment is due prior to first meeting and 50% is due half-way in 3 months from start.

Make a conscious and mindful choice for your good – and for the greater good.