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Values Blueprint™ System

Core values are your brand and your presence.
Core values are the core of you.
Core values impact every decision you make.

Yet 97% of people can not clearly articulate their true core values.

Unless the foundation is strong, resonant and authentically yours – you will be restless, bored or out of integrity.

Clarity Quickstart Coaching includes the teaching and learning of the Values Blueprint™ – discovery and dialogue for conscious leaders where success is about creating the context for meaningful work with a life that works.

The Values Blueprint  is a get-to-the-core conversation about your values alignment.  It  provides leaders with a fast, simple and effective way to uncover their authentic brand identity. It helps align values with a plan for meaningful change.

Decision making becomes simple. Progress becomes certain. And the journey becomes fulfilling.

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p.s.  Through advances in brain science, we now know that our brains are being rewired every minute of every day. That means we change over time. Who are you now? Who are you becoming? And why does that matter to you?


Clarity Quickstart Coaching is the grand beginning of emerging clarity. Values are claritified with the onboarding of the Value Blueprint™ assessment, because deeply effective conversations must, must, must be based on your authentic core – or else we waste both time and resources on a vision or plan that belongs to someone else.

Clarity Quickstart Coaching includes the teaching and learning from the Value Blueprint™ and three 1-hour meetings of one-to-one coaching with your specific outcomes and agenda top of mind. (Also available as a group workshop or a series of 3 Lunch & Learns.)

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From the place of values clarity – your agenda and primary focus draws strength of character for bold thinking and subsequent action that increase your influence, capacity, inner peace and greater purpose.

You can’t find this level of clarity in an off-the shelf, self-help book. You can’t teach it, preach it or tweet it. It comes from the value-based, gutsy-truthful interruptive conversation with a value-based coach.

Clarity Quickstart Coaching is an interruption to what isn’t working for you. It is a confidential, no-pander context for honest self-confrontation for the purpose of moving forward.

I’m ready to coach when you are ready for change that will grow you and influence a meaningful culture change.