Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching for Individuals

Coaching for individuals.lr.sarahLeadership coaching breaks the rules of the status-quo. It interrupts organizational disorder and the ineffective ways of leading and thinking. It creates context for meaningful change in a way that builds trust and context for shared success.

You have been positioned for this time and place. Here you are. Now what?  What will you do with you?

How real can you be? Whatever is unraveled, whatever has disengaged, whatever the good struggle is about, it begs to be noticed. Let’s talk about that.

The process of growth may not always be easy. But you are not training for easy. You are training for growth, freedom, contributing to improvements and significance of meaningful work with a life that works.

You choose the accountability and the progress. You choose the commitment to your character growth, to your call and influence in this world. And as your coach and catalyst, I will lead you to where you want to go. I will offer a masters level of coaching process, tools and the neuroscience info that serves to deepen the learning. Positive change is absolutely possible.

Courageous leaders navigate ambiguity in complexity and lead the way with a strong, clear purpose. Courageous leaders lead their own growth and agility first, and always first.
What is the conscious and mindful decision for your values-based, purpose-driven life? What is missing? What do you want to change? When…?
Let’s talk.

  • Increase your capacity to influence a bold, meaningful culture change
  • Make high-cost decisions on continuing and emerging clarity
  • Stimulate an alignment of authenticity and hope – and inner peace for your inspiring purpose
  • Be liberated from routines, competency, expectations and expertise that no longer satisfy in exchange for generating outcomes that are connected to core purpose for you and for the world that matters to you
  • Navigate ambiguity
  • Changes you – changes culture – changes the world

Here’s a few examples of why value-based clients have chosen to work with me:

  1. They are not happy with the way things are, and they want to make a difference.
  2. They see a tremendous need, a knowing-doing gap, and an unacceptable void in the culture, and they will commit the best of their lives to influence meaningful change.
  3. There is a status quo mindset or culture that they simply and absolutely refuse to tolerate. They are stepping up to respond to the silent dissonance and unspoken longings around them.
  4. They have experienced tremendous gain and tremendous loss. The loss has gifted them their greatest lessons and furthered their purpose and call. They have shifted their way of being, and redefined success. Their vision and purpose is more about contributing their best selves to serve the greater need in their local/global communities. 
They want to see 1) more of something, 2) less of something or 3) a change that makes a difference. It’s about a purpose. A call. Grounded securely in a clear, solid foundation of core values aligned with the call.
  5. Coaching clients come from a variety of influences: corporate and company leaders, non-profit and for-profit leadership and leaders within faith-based organizations. Let’s be real. What got us here, got us here. And that’s where we stay unless we make a decision to step away from the familiar and lead toward a re-imagined future.