Team Coaching

We-Culture Training and Coaching

Serious about change?
Want a positive team environment where human dignity and high energy flourish?
Want a place where values, mental health, equity and work-life balance are more than a deep sigh?
Want a place where the team leans forward in synchronicity with clarity and strength?

Notice and name what is less than ideal: the tension, the conflict, the propaganda and the ineffectiveness or blind spots of the institution, the management, the company and/or the staff.

Good news! Totally doable. There is a way forward – a collective mindset that acknowledges diversity, psychological safety and links valued contributions to the ultimate vision of the organization.

Team Culture Coaching is both a philosophy and a systems methodology for teams who want to actualize meaningful impact. It leverages personal accountability for collective growth. This is rich fare. This is fun. This is work. This works!

Team Coaching is not polite chit-chat or self-help support or an overdose of more data or useless surveys. The framework will be co-designed to address your team challenges and organizational vision. The stronger the team, the stronger the company.

If you 1) are hungry for improved team effectiveness and capacity 2) have the power to make decisions that will expedite improved performance and energy and 3) have experienced ineffective teams or unhealthy workplace cultures – I invite you to connect with a time-specific, coach-facilitated, measurable process to co-create the framework to transition from I to WE for the next level of growth.

  • Understand the uniqueness that incapacitates your company effectiveness with a team function focus and values-based analysis
  • Co-create the growth framework using the time-tested, evidence-based six lenses of systemic team coaching and the Five Disciplines Model to move from I to WE, from silo independence to team effectiveness and interdependence, from apathy to energy
  • Forward clarity, momentum and meaning for all stakeholders as your team transitions to team maturity and contributes to the company vision and purpose
  • All information, coaching exercises and neuroscience tips are practically transferrable to improving human relationships in business and in life

Here’s a few examples of why value-based decision makers have chosen to focus on Team Coaching

  1. They recognize that all learning and development is relational between the wider living systems within and that an highly-effective team contributes a MUCH higher value beyond simply highly-talented individuals. The sum of a healthy, growing interconnected team is MUCH greater than the individual parts and that humans want to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  2. They recognize that there will be a rush back to the old normal unless old habits and broken and new learning is actualized.
  3. They recognize that individuals come into a company, bringing their own worldview, their own ‘right’ solutions, and their own perspectives on how to protect egos and roles. Hierarchy forms and the values conflict festers both above and below the surface. Team coaching addresses the messy and the glorious transition to greater team strength with dignity, diversity and and shared success for all stakeholders.
  4. Coaching clients come from a variety of influences: corporate business, non-profit, for-profit, academia, social enterprise, recovering from religious fundamentalism or regaining their voice following a recent toxic environment. Let’s be real. What got us here, got us here. And here is where we stay unless we make a decision to examine the familiar and lead toward a re-imagined future. You don’t have to lead alone. I can help….