Leadership Roundtable Focus Groups

Serious about wanting to influence a meaningful culture change?

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Notice and address what is less than ideal: the tension, the conflict, the propaganda and the ineffectiveness of the institution, the company and the relationship.

Bring action to the resolve: double-click on the heart of the matter and bring your voice to the world that has been handed to you.

The ethos you long for begins with a personal commitment to get the best out of yourself. People are craving leadership contrarians that will both serve and coach them to flourish in a new context.

Positive change doesn’t just happen.

You think thousands and thousands of thoughts every day. You make both conscious choices and habitual choices based on pathways of thinking that you’ve developed over your lifetime. All of these have brought you to where you are today.

Significant, sustainable and meaningful outcomes ultimately require a significant, sustainable and meaningful change in the way a person thinks.

Good news!

Through advances in our understanding of neuro-science we now know that our brains have the opportunity to rewire every minute of every day. Underlying thinking and beliefs drive feelings, behaviour, goals and purpose. Neuro-science also shows that the two factors that most drive these physical changes to our brains are: 1) our thinking and 2) the thinking of the people around us.

Leadership Roundtable groups are both a philosophy and a methodology for leaders who have serious ambition for their life and their contribution.

This is a laser focus on your thinking, your identity and your purpose.

This is rich fare.  This is fun.  This is work.

Leadership Roundtable groups are not polite chit-chat or self-help support. Each meeting is 90 minutes of outcome-driven, skills-based, coach-facilitated group of leader peers. They will target the difficult-to-measure and often missed goals. They will challenge you to resolve cluttering dissonance and be inspired to action with new ways of thinking, being and doing.

Leadership Roundtable groups will honour your core values and stimulate group wisdom. They will extend candid insight to your blind spots and default behaviours so that you give the best of yourself to renew your organization, inspire higher levels of contribution as you engage in deeper levels of conversation, connection and trust. As a coach, I will push for your unique agenda of growth and greatness. I will hold the space for you as you shed old ways of being for what is relevant, progressive and meaningful to your current framework.

If you 1) are hungry for improved leadership capacity 2) have a desire to inspire a positive culture change and 3) have experienced both great gain and great loss – I invite you to connect with a 6-month, coach-facilitated, small group of purpose-driven masterminds who are committed to their greater purpose.

Consider the next steps:

  1. Read through 3 offerings below and choose which group is the best fit for who you want to become.
  2. Book a 15 minute, no-strings attached conversation to explore and/or confirm your registration.
  3. Complete primary focus form, request 1-page contract and pay 50% of first invoice.
  4. Send your brief bio to share with group and complete thoughtful questions for pre-work (sent once registration is complete).


Leadership Roundtable (LR*) Options: 

  1. LR* Focus Group for Experienced Leaders

Use your responsibility to influence knowledge and experience for the purpose of developing others in their own right.

We are not always able to do it, but the capacity is there. Your thinking patterns are fundamentally important to connect with people at an almost an intuitive ability to sense where they are coming from and what matters to them.

Because you serve multiple audiences, learn how to increase your self-mastery and potential for company-wide insights, capitalize on the diversity and different ways of thinking and move your people to a profound social revolution.

What is truly needed to master leadership cannot be taught. It’s the quality of mind that must be nurtured in the middle of stress and speed. 

  • Expand awareness and align strategies to guide your people to move from I‐centric to We‐centric thinking and doing; empower them to have more innovative, strategic, co‐creative and an impactful influence on their companies, teams and cultures.
  • Learn the mastery of the 3rd level of Conversational Intelligence including but not limited to The Conversational Matrix™, The Conversational Dashboard™, the Trust Model™, and the Ladder of Conclusions™. Learn how to honour your values/process as you engage other individuals, teams and companies by self-­regulating and co­-regulating neurochemistry as you literally learn what is happening in your brains moment to moment.
  • Upgrade the understanding and positioning of your core Values Blueprint™ and rediscover how your values are the powerful catalyst for alignment of your business and leadership purpose.
  • Identify your unique thinking patterns and learn how to recognize your blind spots as well as the thinking patterns and blinds spots of others.
  • Use the 6-star clarity model to navigate and lead during times of change, loss, resistance and uncertainty.
  • Foster meaningful relationships on the home front as you advance your values-based leadership with excellence and due diligence.


  1. LR* Focus Group for Small Business, Solopreneurs and Futurepreneurs 

Are you doing your thinking alone?

Depleted, bored, out of alignment with being in the same restless place?

You are the new sanity for a culture that is begging for genuine value and meaningful change. Normal is no more. And never will be again. There is a better way. And you carry a portion of that narrative.

It is almost impossible to grow and improve capacity in isolation. The right people are better together. Thinking, principled, values-based, authentic, courageous collaborators are the right people. It is a new day in which you  re-write the story of human possibility – and become a part of what people are capable of when they come together.

To make a measurable difference in your business, leadership or life, you must first notice your thinking and take a forward risk with bold, values-based actions. Your life and message is too important to stay stuck in your own mind without the challenge and championing of other visionary thinkers and doers. Learn the tools to catalyze the new way forward.

  • Recognize the rich clarity of your unique values and purpose as the essential core of your gulp-worthy challenge.
  • Learn how to align the 5 basic human needs and 5 human intelligences to move your intentions into action.
  • Identify 10 types of allies and advocates necessary to leverage your strengths.
  • Understand the 6 areas of bigger-player individuals, and overcome your saboteurs by understanding how to see your blinds spots and capitalize on discomfort.
  • Learn how to up-regulate your personal presence, confidence and emotional wake to move your definition of success to the next level.
  • Summons you to take 100% responsibility of your learning, loss and challenge, engage in fierce conversations, tackle the tough challenges, interrogate reality, face the ick and call you to deliver your message and grow your enterprise with courageous integrity, inner peace and unstoppable purpose.


  1. LR* Coach Skills and Coach Mentor Group

 Coaching has become a trendy synonym for mentor, consultant, adviser, superior, trainer, guide, facilitator and the tell-and-sell expertise. However, integral coaching is not about telling people what to do or asking powerful questions so that you can convince or convert them to your thinking and your behaviours.

If you are serious about becoming an integral coach with global recognition, then I recommend that you invest years of training and thousands of dollars to get there. I’m happy to recommend details – just ask. It is a worthy journey.

However, if you have experience and expertise in your profession, business, leadership or life and simply want to add integral, high-capacity coaching skills to your capacity, without spending thousands of dollars or years of time in an internationally-recognized coaching education, then consider Leadership Roundtable Coach Skills and Coach Mentor group. Coach skills and coaching partnerships are the fullness of life. They ignite the spirit and give meaning to life. This world will become a better place as really great people are coached by really great coaches.

This Leadership Roundtable group is for coaches whose intelligence, empathy and intuition are bursting with a driving desire to work and grow with others as they help make our world a better place.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Coaching competency expectations, code of ethics and best practices.
  • 10 coaching tools, documents and exercises used by professional coaches.
  • Core Values Blueprint™ and meaningful purpose integration for you and your clients.
  • Basics of the 3 levels of Conversational Intelligence.
  • Basics of Emotional Intelligence as it relates to a coaching partnership and mastery of self-awareness.
  • Peer coaching and real-time evaluation to simultaneously grow your leadership capacity and coaching skills.


 BENEFITS  for Leadership Roundtable Focus Participants
Access personal peace, courage and practical life-tools to up-regulate your difference
Be a catalyst for meaningful change
Live your purpose here and now

Leadership Roundtable for Focus Groups

  • Invites other brilliant leaders into the good struggle of your blind spots, attachments and beliefs
  • Provides context to communicate real-life experience, relevant information and gutsy resolve for moving beyond current challenges
  • Gives permission for healthy conflict and passionate debate that will ultimately influence how you serve a greater world
  • Extends a community of belonging, confidentiality and shared commitment to purposeful growth
  • Summons you to take 100% responsibility of your learning, loss or challenge and turn them into exponential wisdom for life’s bigger assignments
  • Coach-facilitated. Values-Based. Purpose-Driven. #bettertogether

Here’s a few examples of why value-based clients have chosen coaching via Leadership Roundtable:

  1. They are compelled to make a values-based decision or have tough conversations that have a high cost.
  2. They recognize that when they mention ‘change’ or ‘how?’, that everyone has an answer, but it’s not their answer. It requires confident, strong values, contrarian leadership-thinking to help process the wisest implications of big change. Because there will be casualties. Leaders need to choose what those casualties will be. Tough, isn’t it?
  3. Leaders ‘get’ leaders. Leaders also wrestle with ego, strong opinions and the level of authenticity with those they lead. The Roundtable is a confidential place to be real as they navigate ambiguity for an improved culture.
  4. Coaching clients come from a variety of influences: corporate and company leaders, non-profit and for-profit leadership and leaders within faith-based organizations. Let’s be real. What got us here, got us here. And that’s where we will stay unless we step away from the familiar and lead toward a re-imagined future.