Coach Skills Training

Improve People Development Capacity

So here you are.

It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it? Your expertise in systems, process and strategies are sound but you are not getting the results you want.

Your people are your gold. They don’t want to be managed. They don’t want to be ‘told’ what to do. Many companies are moving away from hierarchical style of leadership or command and control practices because it’s simply not effective any more.

Coach Skills Training for HR, Managers and Leaders

Coaching has become a trendy synonym for mentor, consultant, adviser, superior, trainer, guide, facilitator and the tell-and-sell expertise. However, integral coaching is not about telling people what to do or asking pre-determined powerful questions so that you can convince or convert them to your thinking and your behaviors.

If you are serious about becoming an integral coach with global recognition, then I recommend that you invest years of training and thousands of dollars to get there. I’m happy to recommend details – just ask. It is a worthy journey.

However, if you have experience and expertise in your current profession, business, leadership or life and simply want to add gold-standard, high-capacity coaching skills to your leadership capacity, without spending thousands of dollars or years of time in an internationally-recognized coaching education, then consider Coaching Skills Training as part of your personal development strategy. This world will become a better place as really great people are coached by really great managers and leaders.

The Coaching Skills Training group is for leaders who have a driving desire to actualize meaningful purpose, have less people conflict and build a trust-based community of happy, engaged people that will flourish and succeed together.

  • Know the way, show the way, lead the way forward. Begin by learning ethical coaching skills with other influencers
  • Lead your team and vision with coaching competencies, code of ethics and best practices of the global gold standard of coaching
  • Receive custom-designed tools, documents and exercises used by professionally credentialed coaches
  • Gain access and practical understanding of unique tools for tough conversations including live coaching demos
  • Learn how to use the trust dashboard to move your culture from I to WE
  • Learn how to increase (and measure) engagement, insight, creativity and effectiveness with science-based, evidence based systems fand frameworks
  • Experience peer coaching and real-time feedback to simultaneously grow your leadership capacity and coaching skills – easily transferable to any leadership environment

Here’s a few examples of why value-based clients have chosen to grow their team and company with Coaching Leadership, rather than Commanding Leadership

  1. The culture is complicated and they want to stop pretending that their people are fully engaged, motivated and committed to the company vision. They want real change. Sooner, not later.
  2. Command and control, performance review feedback and outdated leadership habits are not working. In the new world of work, leaders are passionate about expanding authentic growth in a culture that respects dignity, inclusion and meaningful purpose for all stakeholders.
  3. Coaching clients come from a variety of influences: corporate business, non-profit, for-profit, academia, social enterprise, recovering from religious fundamentalism or regaining their voice following a recent toxic environment. Let’s be real. What got us here, got us here. And here is where we stay unless we make a decision to examine the familiar and lead toward a re-imagined future. You don’t have to lead alone. I can help….