Personal Development

Improve your Personal Leadership Capacity

You have a voice, a message and a vision to make a difference.

Here Are A few examples of what you will gain if you join a 6-month Personal Leadership Development Group

Gain clarity and momentum

The core of your values and purpose live in the limbic part of your brain, which has no capacity for language. No wonder then, that 97% of really smart people cannot clearly articulate their deeply-held principles or their higher compelling purpose (for themselves or their workplace) without a long conversation of meandering thoughts. The clarity model will help you find the language to articulate sound leadership and a solid path forward.

Develop relevant leadership habits and skills

Most of us have been raised or influenced by old ways of leadership. The new world of work and life demands an elevated, more genuine, more meaningful way of enrolling others to what matters most. Relevant industry studies consistently shows that integral leadership includes the four C.O.R.E. competencies of communication, ownership, relationship and empowerment. What does that look like in your current ways of leading?

Learn about the neuroscience of trust

Trust is core to every relationship in business and life. Without trust, you may experience success in short-term transactions, but you will not build long-term relationships. Learn about the neuroscience of trust and how improving trust lives in Level 3 conversations. Learn why humans are addicted to being right (distrust) and how our brains are wired for connection (trust) and how to build Conversational Intelligence®.

Discover your voice and how to use it for greater impact

Leadership presence is powerfully empowering for you and for those in your world. Fake it until you make it does not fool anyone. With an increased understanding of your own voice and self-leadership, you can be it until you believe it, with integrity and confident presence even in a difficult context.