Lorraine Richmond, Principal

8I believe that people matter. I believe that that their values, talents, vision, their story – all of it matters. I believe that people want a life of significance and meaning. They want to belong. They want their valued to be values. They want to be seen. They want to make a difference.

I believe that the combined pulse of courageous people has the potential to inspire a life, transform a community, alter an industry and ultimately change our world.

It is therefore the purpose and quest of my life to be a stand for authentic values, human dignity and a greater purpose. I extend that clarity of call to the leaders of influence in this time.

Purpose, freedom, connecting relationships, collaboration, faith, growth and creativity are part of my deepest values.

A lesser vision does not distract me and therefore I willingly choose the road less traveled… and search for others who are on a similar journey and quest.

I believe that life is a miracle every moment of our existence. I believe that each of us have a unique contribution to influence the highest good of all.

I am a member of the world’s premier Life Coach credentialing institution, International Coach Federation with a designation of Professional Certified Coach (currently nearing the Master Certified Coach certification). Certifications in Conversational Intelligence®, EQi and EQi360, and the Values Blueprint© System as well as key leadership roles, workshop facilitation, personal mentoring, directing, public speaking, leadership consulting, president and founder of community programs have served to deepen my belief that values-based leadership is absolutely imperative to those who will influence a meaningful culture change.

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To catalyze and influence a meaningful culture change – is my trade and my art.

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Pink Pinstripe Team

PP-logo-squareWe believe that women that who lead with aligned values and purpose will be the greatest influencers in our time. Our values include: connection, communication, challenge and championing.

Pink Pinstripe Leadership for Women holds the space for women who are committed to influencing meaningful change.

The leadership team consists of values and purpose driven women who seek to provide a truthful place for women to connect, be challenged and affirmed in their leadership growth.

Pink Pinstripe Roberta Sawatzsky photoRoberta Sawatsky

Pink Pinstripe Karen Barnstable photoKaren Barnstable
Human Capital Consulting and Publishing

hccp To provide executive-level Human Resources consulting and publications services at the highest level of quality possible to both for-profit and non-profit organizations, allowing them to focus more on their core organizational visions and missions.

HCCP clearly distinguishes itself by embracing and welcoming the certain areas of services that are often seen as “too complicated” or “risky” by other Human Resources “consulting” or “outsourcing” companies.

More importantly, HCCP’s core value and management philosophy is to deliver services to its clients at the highest level of quality attainable with meticulous attention to detail, timely responses, and attentive customer service and follow-up care by incorporating the best of customer service philosophies and practices around the world. This is our corporate guarantee.

Ashton & Associates and Xilium Recruiters

Executive search involves a partnership of trust and clear communication.

Charles Hurbutise and staff has continued the no-limits executive search and recruiting professional of (former) Ashton & Associates. Their guiding principles are about exceptional relationships at all levels, in their personal and business life. They are widely known for their insight, clarity and expert hiring results, no matter the level of seniority.

It is their passion to pursue the highest and greatest good for all.

Whether you’re hiring for a new senior manager role, expanding sales, building operations or restructuring shop floor production, Charles and Xilium Recruiters is your go-to for executive search and recruitment.



Co-Coach with Judy Schmidt

Judy-Schmidt-photoBuilding strong leadership behaviours and helping you gain clarity on the impact you want to have, is what Judy is known for.

She is a master at re-framing and helping clients find a new perspective and new ways of thinking that will bring about sustainable change.

She is strategic yet inspired; challenging yet supportive; focused yet flexible.

Judy is certified with the International Coaches Federation and the Coaches Training Institute, both of which are world industry leaders. Her commitment to the coaching process and the skills she brings to it, will move you towards motivated and courageous action and compelling results.


Richmond Smith International Coach Group

Mary-Ellen-photoMary Ellen Smith is an accomplished Executive Coach who is fully credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She works with individuals and corporations to support their career growth and achieve business success and work-life balance. She also holds an additional certification in group coaching.

She had a successful career in Corporate Marketing, primarily at PepsiCo. In 13 years at Pepsi, she held a series of increasingly responsible assignments in Marketing & Sales (New York, Atlanta, and London). She brings dynamic marketing experience, communication skills and strategic insights to her coach clients.

Mary Ellen received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and studied her junior year at the Universite de Paris/Sorbonne. She received her MBA from McGill University in Marketing and International Business. Mary Ellen has lived/studied/worked in the U.S., France, Canada, England, and Belgium. She holds U.S. and Irish citizenship and speaks French fluently. Mary Ellen currently resides in Atlanta and Asheville with her husband ~ and gratefully considers herself a “citoyenne du monde.