Our Team

I believe that people matter. I believe that that their values, talents, vision, their story – all of it matters. I believe that people want a life of significance and meaning. They want to belong. They want their values to be valued. They want to be seen. They want to make a difference.

I believe that the combined pulse of courageous people has the potential to inspire a life, transform a community, alter an industry and ultimately change our world.

It is therefore the purpose and quest of my life to be a stand for authentic values, human dignity and a greater purpose. I extend that clarity of call to the leaders of influence in this time.

Purpose, freedom, connecting relationships, collaboration, faith, growth and creativity are part of my deepest values.

A lesser vision does not distract me and therefore I willingly choose the road less traveled… and search for others who are on a similar journey and quest. I believe that life is a miracle every moment of our existence. I believe that each of us have a unique contribution to influence the highest good of all.

Specialty & expertise:

clarity of core values and purpose alignment
art and science of trust-based communication
team culture strategist to bring leaders and teams to a passionate shared success
workshop facilitator and keynote speaker on values and trust-based relationships
leadership partner and coach for meaningful work with a life that works

I am a member of the world’s premier life coach credentialing institution, International Coaching Federation with a designation of Professional Certified Coach (currently nearing the Master Certified Coach certification). Certifications in Conversational Intelligence®, EQi and EQi360®, 6 Conditions®, the Clarity Model and the Values Blueprint® System as well as key leadership roles, workshop facilitation, personal mentoring, directing, public speaking, leadership consulting, study of neuroscience and change, president and founder of community programs, and Co-CEO of non-profit have served to deepen my belief that values-based leadership is essential for those who will influence a meaningful culture change that benefits all stakeholders.

To catalyze and influence a meaningful culture change – is my trade and my art.

To work together with organizational teams, individuals and groups of people who believe in leading the way forward to actualize a healthy culture for meaningful engagement – is my passion, my offering and my contribution to our ever-changing, messy, amazing world.

Lorraine in the media
Woman to Watch In Focus

Team of Associates

Jeri Quinn
Neuroscience of Communication
Mary Simon
Negotiation. Neuroscience. Teams.
Kymberly Johnson
Mindset. Wellnes.
Susie Coultis
HR. Teams.
Dawn Potter Sanders
Facilitator. Teams.
Jennifer Riggs
Neuroscience. Mindfulness. Teams.
Roberta Sawatzky
HR. Remote Work Advocate.
Candace Giesbrecht
HR. Remote Performance.
Cheryl Fast
Business Consultant and Trainer
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