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You don’t have to navigate this alone.

Professional coaching that catalyzes greater leadership
impact for what matters most

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You learn best at your own pace in your own space? At least right now.


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Leadership Coach

One to One

What is the weight of today? What does tomorrow hold? What is it to lead with agility, wisdom and resilience as a future-fit leader?

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You don’t have to figure this out alone. Not one bit. As an external thinking partner, I will hold the gold space of necessary disruptions with you, to gain wisdom and clarity for the complex decisions that matter most.
Leadership coaching is a no-spin partnership for leadership growth, dealing with disparity and moving meaningful purpose forward.
(currently available by phone or zoom only)

Team Coach

Better Together

Effective teams drive effective outcomes.
Rigorous scientific peer review studies over the last 30+ years show that there is really only a handful of conditions that consistently stack the deck to improve sustainable effectiveness on teams.
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The 6 conditions® (3 essentials and 3 enablers) repeatedly show that if these conditions are in good standing, they will drive the key task processes toward greater team effectiveness. 
It’s not easy. And it’s not magic either.
Team Diagnostic Overview

Mastermind Coach

Personal Leadership Development

You have a voice, message and vision to make a difference. Leadership growth begins with you. Learn the C.O.R.E. competencies for leadership in ways that fit you perfectly.
All growth is personal growth. Whatever your title or position, the internal work belongs to you so that in turn, you can influence others for what matters most.
If making an impact  is important to you, join a personal leadership mastermind group. 
The days will pass anyway. Why not emerge stronger, more focussed and more connected?

Keynote Coach

Speaking for Change

Looking for specialized keynotes and workshops that collaborate, equip and support leaders who want to lead dynamic, effective and highly-engaged teams? In a culture that struggles with mental health, high staff turn-over, gossip, favoritism, silos, burnout, low engagement, pseudo politeness, and a perceived lack of fairness - bringing your people together for shared learning is helpful component of a strategic plan for growth.


I have experienced leadership burnout, leadership betrayal and my share of dissonance. My experience is not uncommon to leaders with well-meaning intentions and I'm ready and able to deliver relevant workshops and keynotes for you and your company.

i believe leadership matters!

I believe that people want a life of significance and meaning. They want to belong to a community of meaning-making. They want their values to be valued. They want to be seen as capable humans. They want to make a difference in the company of others and experience the reality of better together.

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