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Leader Coach

2020 was supposed to be a gold star year of clarity and focus. Given the high stakes of current disruptions, it can not be business as usual. Now what?

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What does tomorrow hold? What is it to adapt quickly with agility and resilience as a future-fit leader? If you want to impact the outer world, you must address the inner world.

You don't need to figure this out alone. Not one bit. As an external thinking partner, I will partner with you as you gain deep clarity for the bold space of necessary disruptions to lead yourself and others in transition and rapid improved change.

Leadership coaching is a no-spin focused partnership for leadership growth, dealing with disparity and bringing clarity to inner cohesion. It is essential for purpose-driven individuals who will not settle for less than their best, boldest and strongest life of helping others.

Coaching Options

Team Coach

From the tumultuous today to the preferred tomorrow, what would be possible with an ideal team? High performing teams contribute greater success and happier engagement over high performing individuals. The stronger the team, the stronger the company.

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Accelerate growth, improve resilience, elevate shared success for all stakeholders with team coaching. Together, we co-design improved team development for powerful change, including assessments and metrics of a balanced scorecard and ROI.

Coach Skills Training for Decision Makers and HR Professionals

Good ideas and powerful information will last two-three days to two-three weeks unless there is a relevant collaboration within the walk/talk of the boss. Elevate your leadership influence, impact with Coach Skills Training (3 levels) in a training schedule that respects your current commitments.

Coach Skills Training is aligned with the gold standard of professional coaching and ICF code of ethics. Includes coaching tools, powerful questions, demo coaching and relevant neuroscience tips for actualizing a dream team in the context of a mentally healthy workplace.

Keynote Coach

Collaborating, equipping and supporting leaders who want to lead dynamic, effective and highly-engaged teams. In a culture that struggles with mental health, high staff turn-over, gossip, favoritism, silos, burnout, low engagement, pseudo politeness, and a perceived lack of fairness - our worlds of business and social enterprise are desperate for leaders willing to lead better than pre-covid. There is a better way for purpose-driven leaders.

I have experienced leadership burnout, leadership betrayal and my share of dissonance. My experience is not uncommon to leaders with well-meaning intentions and I'm ready and able to be your thinking partner and strategy associate as you grow forward. You don't have to grow alone.

I am also connected to a large network of masterful, and talented professionals. Together, we are open to share our experience, research and training to help shift the narrative of your current culture. You, me, us... better together for the benefit of all.

Keynotes & Workshops   The Neuroscience of Trust
Level 3 Conversation
Team Success
Meaningful Work with a Life that Works