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Leader Coach

What is beyond the professional mask? What do you want more of, less of? What is the uncomfortable debate?

Yes of course, you are whole, fine, successful and invincible. Until you find yourself pausing in some way. Until you hit the obstacle of doubt. Until you find yourself censoring your identity and protecting your status instead of leading and living from who you really are.

Leadership coaching is a no-spin, focused partnership of dealing with disparity and bringing clarity to inner cohesion and outer success. It is for purpose-driven individuals who will not settle for less than their best, strongest and most resilient life of helping others.

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Coaching Options
Clarity Quickstart?
Leadership Coaching…
Leadership Roundtable…
Transition Coaching...

Culture Coach

Keynote Coach

We-Culture Training and Coaching for all stakeholders

For companies that believe that investing in their people is the driving catalyst of meaningful success for all stakeholders, including the triple bottom line: people, profit, planet.

Conversational Intelligence
Trust Dashboard
Emotional Intelligence
Integration of Values
Diversity & Linkage
The Clarity Model
C.O.R.E. competencies

Coach Skills Training for Managers

Elevate management capacity with Coach Skills Training (3 levels) in a schedule that respects work routine and commitments. Training and competencies are aligned with the gold standard of professional coaching and ICF code of ethics. Includes coaching tools, powerful questions, experiential coaching and relevant neuroscience tips for actualizing high-engagement and high-performance teams.

Collaborating with leaders to create the right environment to increase trust, respect and meaningful engagement.

Keynotes & Workshops

”The Neuroscience of Trust
Everything Lives in Language
Level 3 Conversation
The Power of Values in Culture
Shifting to a WE-culture
Meaningful Work with a Life that Works
Public Speaking