How shall I lead the way…?

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A values-based corporate culture?  Is that an oxymoron? Is there an institution, business or organization that recognizes hierarchal leadership is an old and tired model?  Are there CEO’s, presidents, directors, clergy, superintendents or business owners who recognize that management science isn’t working anymore? People don’t want to be managed. They want to be valued for their values. The problem is that most people are not clear about their implicit personal values.  So by default, they … Read More

Remembering – it’s the least we can do

Lorraine Richmondview on culture

Is war the way to peace?  Is spilled blood the price for freedom? There is no glory in the act of war. Today is not the day for political debate or an armchair opinion. It is a day to remember. It is a day to honour those who sacrificed body, mind and soul for the freedom of kin and country. It is a day to honour those who fought for a greater purpose and a … Read More