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What’s beyond the professional mask? What’s the uncomfortable debate?
All is not well, is it?

Yes of course, you are whole, fine, successful and invincible. Until you find yourself pausing in some way. Until you hit the obstacle of doubt. Until you have way too many cards in your vest. Until you find yourself censoring your identity instead of leading and living from who you really are.

Leadership coaching is a no-spin, focused partnership of dealing with disparity and bringing clarity to inner cohesion and outer success. It asks a different set of questions and flourishes on a different system than a business plan.

Leadership coaching is values and purpose-driven so that leaders live and lead a meaningful culture change.

Your current restlessness is part of the future answer that this world is longing for. Will you lead the way forward? Will you begin with you?

Clarity Quickstart?
Leadership Coaching…
Leadership Roundtable…
Transition Coaching...


CONVERSATIONAL INTELLIGENCE®: why every word matters

C-IQ® is a practical, science-based program that inspires tangible trust and true connection. Without trust, you have minimal influence. Without connection, at best, you have only a brief transactional relationship.

Lunch & Learns, 1/2 day or full day workshops for business

Leadership Roundtable  Focus Groups

Candid, collaborative, personal and professional growth based on the neuroscience of Conversational Intelligence, Accountability and your blueprint of values and purpose. Let’s start there and grow from that place.

Integrating Values into the Heart of Business 

Clarify your unique core values. Leverage your natural and highest value. Align your business purpose with your deepest values.
1/2 day workshops for business

The Art of Public Speak

How to Master the Art of Soulful Connection. Start with the right mindset and personal conversational intelligence. The rest will be easy.