Coaching Skills

Update Your Leadership Style for Improved results

It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it? Your expertise in systems, process and strategies are sound but you are not seeing the results you had envisioned.
Your people are your gold. They don’t want to be managed. They don’t want to be told what to do. Many companies are moving away from hierarchical style of leadership or command and control practices and the annual performance review because it’s simply not effective any more.

Coach Skills Training for HR, Managers and Leaders

Coaching has become a trendy synonym for mentor, consultant, adviser, superior, trainer, guide, facilitator and the tell-and-sell expertise. However, integral coaching is not about telling people what to do or asking pre-determined powerful questions so that you can convince or convert them to your thinking and your agenda.

If you are serious about becoming a professional coach that has universal recognition, then I recommend that you invest years of training and thousands of dollars to get there. I’m happy to recommend details – just ask. It is a worthy journey.

However, if you have experience and expertise in your current profession, business, leadership or life and simply want to add gold-standard, high-capacity coaching skills to your leadership skillset, without spending thousands of dollars or years of time in an internationally-recognized coaching education, then consider Coach Skills Training as part of your personal growth strategy. This world will become a better place as really great people are coached by really great managers and leaders.

The Coach Skills Training group is for leaders who have a driving desire to actualize tangible results, have less personality conflicts and build a trust-based community of happy, engaged people that will flourish and succeed together.

Here’s A Few Examples of What You Will Gain When You Enroll in Coach Skills Training:

Gold star standard of ethical coaching

Begin by a comprehensive foundation of ethical coaching skills and learn to lead your team and vision with sound coaching competencies, and best practices of the global gold standard of coaching. Know the way, show the way and lead the way forward in a training group with other experienced leaders.

Move from I to We

Command and control, performance review feedback and outdated leadership habits of do as I say are not a helpful investment of your time and energy in people management. Learn how to best influence movement from an I-centric protective culture to a We-centric partnering mode of operation. Think of the resources, energy and money saved, if your people would happily and willing chose to contribute the best of themselves in ways that would benefit all.

Learn how to have difficult conversations at the right time

Access and gain a practical understanding of unique tools for tough conversations. Participate in live coaching demos that will equip you to have difficult conversations in a timely manner where everyone feels respected, dignified and acknowledged.

Set the context for greater contribution and results

Experience peer coaching and real-time feedback to grow specific coaching skill which are easily transferable to any leadership environment. Practice essential hard skills that have the best chance of improving and measuring engagement, insight, innovation and effectiveness with an evidenced-based framework.