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Show Your Stripes

Know your stripes. Grow your stripes.
Show your stripes.

What are your stripes? They are your deeply-held principles and core values aligned with your personal clear, meaningful purpose.

We believe that women who lead with a strong voice of values, clarity and purpose will be the greatest influencers in our time. Are you one of them?

What does that look like for you? Where are the challenges? What is the complexity? Where is the discouragement and pain? What is the process? How do you maintain wholeness and agility? What is success?

Pink Pinstripe Leadership for Women is a coach-facilitated, peer group meeting for connecting with value-based leader colleagues, who hold a vision that refuses to settle, cower or placate.

* a place to face and embrace the good struggle of complexity, both internally and externally
* a place for safe truths, without pretense and pander
* a place of shared wisdom, high challenge, relevant questions and high support
* holds the space for women who are committed to influencing meaningful change in the winds of adversity and inequity

Our operating principles and values include: connection, clarity and collaboration.

We invite you and your female colleagues to a community of undaunted, unstoppable women who lead a values-based purpose.

Let us learn and grow together.
Will you join us?

Connect. Clarity. Collaboration.


  • Although business connections will indeed thrive among us, our purpose is leadership attentiveness, not business networking
  • Although we recognize that our gender may play a role in how others view us, or in how we view ourselves, we are not a support or therapy group for women.

Meaningful Conversations that Stimulate Action

.. inspire a raw courage that will embrace what is directly applicable to your current situation

…embrace a tough and passionate commitment to build trust as the core of improved change

We are the culture. How we lead ourselves, what we think, how we manage our emotions, energy and biobehavioral blindspots, how we enroll others and how we show up in the world will directly influence our capacity to influence .

The old way was to lead as a silo, independent, fake it til we make it, and forge ahead with external status of success and confidence. We’re not in Kansas anymore. Let’s move forward.

Although, there are times that we must stand alone, speak alone and hold the vision alone…. the old way of leadership is behind us. Hierarchical control, know-it-all, power-over, impostor leadership is not effective, relevant or desired.

Come, let us converse together. Let us learn together, Let us challenge, support and mentor each other to be our best. Let us lead with our uniqueness in this community and this world. Let us hold a place for women everywhere to be values-based and purpose-driven. And together, we shall indeed, change the world.


Pink Pinstripe Women…. get involved in organic conversations that double-click on where you are right now, right here, in the middle of your story.

The niceties of everyday conversation are nice, but they hold no inspiration for the part of us that longs for more.

Not now. Not in this ever-changing, crazy and wonderful world that we live in.

Pink Pinstripe holds a meaningful purpose and a strong epi-centre of core values for women with a heart to lead.

What Others Have Found…

Celina1I found a cohort of transformational leaders at Pink Pinstripe. Mission-focused women with a social conscious who love life-long learning.

Pink Pinstripe Karen Barnstable photoConnecting with like-minded women that have similar professional goals and interests to mine is a true challenge. Finding them is the first step; finding the time for a deep conversation is the next impossibility . . . until Pink Pinstripe.