Pink Pinstripe

Know Your Stripes

Know your stripes. Grow your stripes.
Show your stripes.

What are your stripes? What defines you?  What is your stand? What are your deeply-held principles and core values aligned with your personal clear, meaningful purpose.

We believe that women who lead with a strong voice of values, clarity and purpose will be the greatest influencers in our time. Are you one of them?

What does that look like for you? Where are the challenges? What is the complexity? Where is the discouragement and pain? What is the process? How do you maintain wholeness and agility? What is success?

Pink Pinstripe Leadership is a series of workshops, speaker presentations geared towards the female leader of influence. It is a context for connecting with value-based leaders, who hold a vision that refuses to settle, cower or placate. 

As an experienced leadership coach, consider the invitation to partner together for 1:1 coaching on your personal development as a female leader. 

As an alternative, consider gathering your current tribe of female leaders for a targeted mastermind of continued growth and impact. Or put your name on a wait list for the next development group start date.

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Meaningful Conversations that Stimulate Action

We are the culture. How we lead ourselves, what we think, how we manage our emotions, energy and biobehavioral blind spots, how we hold ourselves, the language we use, how we enroll others and how we show up in the world will directly influence our capacity to influence.

The old way was to lead as a silo, independent, fake it until we make it, and forge ahead with an external status of success and confidence. The fake it mantra took the detoured long road to influence and most of the time, never arrived at its desired destination.

Although, there are times that we must stand alone, speak alone and hold the vision alone…. the old way of leadership is behind us. Hierarchical control, know-it-all, power-over, impostor leadership is not effective, relevant or desired.

Continue to be a learner of agile, integral, empowering and impactful leadership

Come, let us gather together. Let us learn together, Let us challenge, support and mentor each other to be our best. Let us lead with our uniqueness in our community and in our world. Let us hold a place for women everywhere to be values-based and purpose-driven. And together, we shall indeed, change the world.


Pink Pinstripe Women

The niceties of everyday conversation are nice, but they hold no inspiration for the part of us that longs for more.

Not now. Not in this ever-changing, crazy and wonderful world that we live in.

Pink Pinstripe holds a meaningful purpose and a strong epi-centre of core values for women with a heart to lead.

Current Conversations to Bring to Life

  1. A Reframe of the Glass Ceiling: how to shift the narrative you embody
  2. The Power of Presence: no more faking anything
  3. Building Trust: neuroscience points the way to relationship intelligence
  4. Influencing the culture for unbiased equity to thrive and excel
  5. Dirty little words: and how unintentional language may diminish the female influence
  6. The Wisdom of the Third Eye: the key to influence is between intent and impact 

Connect. Clarity. Collaboration.


  • Although business connections will indeed thrive among us, our purpose is leadership attentiveness, not business networking
  • Although we recognize that our gender may play a role in how others view us, or in how we view ourselves, we are not a support or therapy group for women.