Personal Leadership Development Course

You have a vision to make a difference, and given the evolving dynamics, you are ready to take a step forward in clarity, focus and momentum at this time.  You know that all growth is ultimately personal growth and you are keen to navigate your growth during complexity, uncertainty and hoped-for-change.

  • Are you aware of the gap between being and doing right now? Then choose personal leadership growth to make the needed changes.
  • You are still here. Your vision, leadership and impact is important. Come grow stronger, more focused, more aware and more intentional in managing what matters.
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Personal Leadership Development Group
(applicable to business and life)

Get clear on your answers 
for life’s 5 biggest questions 


Intro Class on Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Module 1 starts on Tuesday, October 4, 2022

6:30a – 7:30a
Pacific Time



Personal Leadership Development Group
(applicable to business and life)

Learn how to increase 
capacity to lead in complexity.

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Module 1

Clarity and Momentum in Values

Find clarity and deepen self-awareness when you define your unique values and rediscover their subtle driving force in your decisions and perspectives
  • Identify your core values with the Values Blueprint©
  • Identify your unique discomfort zones and learn how to navigate them effectively

Module 2

Clarity and Momentum in Meaningful Purpose

Discover and articulate the language for a clear guidepost during stress, uncertainty, good days and transitions
  • Use the GPS tool to describe and characterise your compelling purpose
  • Learn how to integrate personal purpose and company purpose for yourself and those around you

Module 3

Neuroscience of Trust

Understand the science of the trust dashboard in synchronicity of brain and why trust is the currency of business and the core to sustainability
  • Learn how the trust dashboard is consistent with the conversational dashboard in relationship to the functions of our brain
  • Learn the powerful transformative change with the Notice & Name and Third Eye neuro-tools

Module 4

Applied Learning of Level 3 Conversation

Examine the levels of conversation and why Level 3 makes the invisible visible and moves relationships and culture from I to WE
  • Learn about the 5 essentials for Level 3 conversational intelligence to move from low trust to high trust
  • Receive a one-page of level 3 starter conversations to begin priming for trust right now

Module 5

Neuroscience of Change and Leadership Presence

To see greater change around us, we must embody greater emotional and social intelligence beyond our cognitive realm
  • Learn about the science of change and the science of habits as you position your focus and goals to transform at a cellular level for long term sustainable change
  • Practise rewiring patterns of habit or beliefs with the MMM neuro-tool.

Module 6

Everything Lives in Language

Up-level your language in response to the power of the worlds in words that can either empower or cripple, can be manipulative or transformative.
  • Notice and embrace the language to have really difficult conversations
  • Learn 5 ways to say ‘no’ without using the word ‘no’
  • Receive a list of words that power to interrupt impact

Leadership = influence What Matters

grow stronger, more focused, and more confident

  • Bi-weekly small-group facilitation, practical application, and values-based accountability along with a monthly 1:1 coaching session
  • Learn the framework of values and purpose as a solid foundation and banner for the impact you seek
  • Up-level your language and presence to elevate your influence.
  • Identify biobehavioral blind spots and the 4 discomfort zones and how to remedy them
  • Turn time management into sustainable energy management
  • Bring back the fun into personal leadership growth
  • learn and apply the science of rewiring thoughts and habits in ways that impact what matters most to you
  • Learn the neuroscience of authentic connections, how to build trust in Level 3 conversations, navigate conflict and dissonance, and empower internal lasting change so that in turn, your  influence impacts the greater context for human dignity and meaningful purpose for all people 
  • Experience authentic confidence, new freedom, more enjoyment, deeper connections and increased capacity to deal with complexity

You Have A Key Advantage When You Apply The Science And The Art

Times have changed. Old habits and solutions aren't as effective anymore. By gleaning fresh understanding of humanity, current research and the constant dynamic of change, you expand your influence and impact for whatever it is that matters most to you.

It is both a science and an art. It addresses biological, emotional, and intellectual intelligence. It's doable for all humans who want to make a difference in some way, are ready, willing and open to bring their best to the current community and beyond. It is for difference-makers, decision-makers and leaders with or without a title.

Life is too short to stop growing now. The days will pass anyway, why not emerge stronger, more focused and more connected?

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What Personal Leadership Development Participants are Saying
Over the course of meeting with Lorraine I gained clarity of vision & confidence to use my voice and find language to move forward. I have learned to be bold in pursuit of the things that matter to me, which has brought such joy & internal peace. Carving out time to be intentional and do the work has made such a difference in my focus, I am encouraged as I stand firmer and taller then when I first began our sessions together.
Mio Studio Spa
I’m well read and knowledgeable in many areas and the topics Lorraine covered were not new to me. How we explored them deepen my knowledge and gave a new spin and a new perspective.
Two important learnings for me were. First, the I-We listening, going from protect to partner, resistor to co-creator and how to build that relationship and trust. Second, recognizing the stages of community or as I saw it, the stages of a team. How a team develops through these four stages, moving forwards and backwards, depending on the members.
What really mattered to me in taking the course was developing my core values and my purpose. It has given me focus and made me stronger.
Early Childhood Educator and Licensing Officer
The biggest learning I received from Lorraine’s Personal Leadership Development course was a deeper sense of self awareness as an individual which in turn has lead to a stronger sense of self and confidence.

In the first few sessions, we really focused on purpose and values and this became the foundation for future sessions and has now been integrated into everyday life moving forward. I loved sharing this information with friends as it deepened our conversations and relationships.

Lorraine’s style of coaching is like being in the sunshine, her warm and sunny disposition, enthusiasm and support (even at 6:30 in the morning!) is infectious and I can’t help but be drawn to her. Her information is not only very current but incredibly fascinating which she conveys in a understandable and very hands on way. I can’t help but feel inspired after talking to her, ready to take on challenges and growth. It was great to have a balance of group interactions and one on one, being able to practice what we had learned in a safe and supportive environment.
David Babinec
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